Cutting Services

Band Saw Cutting

We have 13 band saws and three rod parters running 24 hours a day, 5 days a week across our three branches. Whether you need precision cut parts, cut for handling, or cut for bar feed applications, save time and money by having us handle your cutting!



  • 1/8” to 21” diameters
  • Part-Lengths from ½” long to 120” long
  • Wall thicknesses as thin as .035”
  • Length tolerance within .020”


Tsune Cutting

To commit to our best-in-region cutting services, Murphy and Nolan purchased a Tsune cold saw. This machine processes bar stock and heavy wall tube very quickly to tight tolerances and with an extremely smooth finish. Save time and money on facing your parts by having us Tsune cut your parts!



  • 1”-7” Rd • Part Lengths from ½” to 35” long
  • Min wall thickness ½”
  • Length tolerances as tight as .010”
  • Smooth, machine like cut surface


Lathe Cutting

In an effort to help our customers with jobs that may be difficult, Murphy and Nolan has invested in two cut-off lathes. These are great for cut-off pins, longer parts, and smaller diameters. Round bar and tube can be cut to tight tolerances with inline deburr options!



  • 3/8” Rd to 3.5” solid bar
  • 7” OD tube
  • Part Lengths from .375” to 38” long
  • Wall thicknesses as thin as .049”
  • Length tolerance within .020”
  • In-line deburring options for both ODs and one ID